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CD Slot Mount
[CD Slot Mount]


I can't fault the product itself - it fits well in my Mk6 Golf standard CD player (RCD310) and my wifes phone (a Desire 320) fits like a charm. However the standard C grip isn't deep enough for my HTC One M8 + case. Although the phone has not fallen out it is not as secure as I would like.

I thought this may have been the case but I didn't see the option to order the slot mount with the deeper C grip - otherwise I would have done that to be on the safe side.

As it is I am happy with the mount itself and glad that I can remove the ugly windscreen mount I was using. This also means that I don't have chargers/audio cables trailing about. I will be ordering the deeper C grip Plus and obviously will have the standard one which may be useful for my next phone.
Review: by David Sewell-Carson