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CD Slot Mount
[CD Slot Mount]


After 8 weeks of ownership and many miles of driving I now have an opportunity to comment on this CD slot mount.

I will try to keep to the point, firstly this is probably the best idea for holding my new iPhone 6 smart phone I have ever come across. The mount simply slips into your car CD player and holds firm with the clever design arms. It is well made in a high quality material that has a substantial feel to it.

My employment takes me onto the roads daily and I was cautioned by the police on a recent trip to Wales for moving the angle of my Sat Nav from the glare of the sun when it was mounted on my windscreen this problem is now solved by using the slotmount.

The angle of the CD slot mount for my Tomtom in my car was perfect.

I feel that I need to come up with some negatives because after all this is a review of good and bad but I can think of nothing but praise no longer do I look lost when using my Sat Nav because the Tomtom is nowhere to be seen and I have a clear windscreen.

Myself, and now my wife now have one and we couldn't be happier. Works great!
Review: by paul cook