CD Slot Mount


CD Slot Mount

People often ask me about the CD Slot Mount, which came to fruition after my mobile satnav was stolen and I wanted to avoid the noticeable windscreen suction marks seen by thieves.

The CD Slot Mount has a sleek design that allows it to engage the ball socket as closely as possible to the CD slot, resulting in greater stability than other mounts.

Moreover, the mount's unique triple ball arrangement enables it to hold a combination of devices in any position side by side, making it highly versatile.

Importantly, you can still play your CD discs while using the CD Slot Mount, and your passenger can now easily operate your mobile satnav.

This mount has solved a problem for me, and I believe it will be equally useful for you. It is fully patent-protected, with a trademark, and can be dispatched to you today.

The CD Slot Mount 360° comes complete with a fully adjustable and expandable C Grip holder.

This Invention of the Year award road safety product also gives you the opportunity to hold two devices in any position with the new triple ball mounting.

The Highway Code states that "windscreens and windows MUST be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision".

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