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The CD Slot Mount 360° comes complete with a fully adjustable and expandable C Grip holder.

This Original British Invention of the Year road safety product also gives you the opportunity to hold two devices in any position with the new triple ball mounting.

For the deeper hold C Grip Plus please click here

The CD Slot Mount® is a new hands free road safety innovation giving the driver a clear windscreen with no obstructions to vision complying with the new highway code.

I am often asked about the CD Slot Mount which was born out of panic after my satnav was stolen I wanted to stop the windscreen sucker marks from the satnav that thieves clearly noticed.

My stolen satnav was not expensive around £85 but the damage to my car door and side window cost over £700 to repair.

It has the ability to hold a combination of devices side by side using any of the mounts unique triple ball arrangement. Please remember your CD discs can still be played while using the CD Slotmount and your passenger can now within easy reach operate your mobile satnav.

The CD Slot Mount has solved a problem for me and I hope it will be useful to you.

Fully patent protected and trademarked.

BBC TV the One Show CD Slotmount featured product

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Made in the UK

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Just received this in the post (very speedily I might add!) and fitted it into my goodness how come no-one thought of this before, it is...

Kay Fox

Great quality product, sturdy and meets all expectations. Great British engineering !

Sally Entwistle

I can't fault the product itself - it fits well in my Mk6 Golf standard CD player (RCD310) and my wifes phone (a Desire 320) fits like a charm....

David Sewell-Carson