How do the CD Slot Mounts work?  
This fully patent protected device has been developed to grip into the CD slot by using friction & gravity. No adjustment or moving parts are required. This unique device provides the instant hold between the CD Player and the front mount-triple ball platform. This phone mount is used with various options a C Grip which is able to firmly hold your device or a satnav holder. There is no magnetic force and no need for any clamp or mechanism.

Can I still use my CD player to play discs?  
Yes, the CD Slot Mount has been designed to allow playback of your discs while inserted. Caution: we do not recommend trying to eject your disc while the CD Slot Mount is inserted.

Is it safe to push something inside my CD Slot?
Only our official phone mount product! We have extensively tested the CD Slot Mount device and are confident to market this with full knowledge that normal use in a standard single disc-loading slot will not cause damage to your CD Player. Additionally, we use specially engineered plastics in manufacturing to ensure strength and reliability. We would not recommend inserting anything other than our original & official CD Slot Mount.

Can I use it in a Multi-disc CD Player?
No. Multi-disc & autochanger CD Players are not compatible. Please do not attempt use of the CD Slot Mount in any player other than a standard in-car single disc type.

How can I change my CD's with the device attached? 
You cannot. We believe that the simplicity of removing and re-fitting of the device makes this task irrelevant. Just remove the CD Slot Mount, eject your disc, insert the replacement CD, then re-fit the CD Slot Mount device.

Will this fit in every vehicle 
It is not feasible to have experience of fitting to every model of CD Player or every vehicle on the market now or in the future. We provide a refund if you discover that the device does not fit your intended vehicle/player. We are very confident that this universal phone mount has a much higher percentage of fitting success compared with other dashboard, vent and screen mounts, averaging 9 of 10 intended slots.

Is your CD Slot Mount similar to the Slot Mount device sold in the USA?
No. Our unique and original CD Slot Mount does not have moving parts, it does not have any winding-adjustment. The risky nature of an expanding clamp and slower methods of their device should not give comparison to our CD Slot Mount. They simply have an alternative product.

The sticky pad isn't sticky anymore how do I fix this?
Simply remove your CD Slot Mount from your vehicle, leaving the sticky pad still attached. Hold the Slot Mount under a warm tap to rinse the top of the pad. After allowing to dry, simply begin using your CD Slot Mount as normal, as the Stickiness fully returns after gentle washing.

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